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Mortgagee, Bankruptcy and Insolvency

With extensive experience managing both legal and sales processes, Scout Corp will provide you with a trusted specialist in all aspects of Mortgagee and Trustee sales, to personally manage the sale, marketing and overall project management of each listing.

With a long and established list of Mortgagee, Insolvency, Trustee and Liquidator clients, Scout Corp provides an unrivalled process to manage the disposal of all types of property assets. Our team will manage the property from the initial lock up or Voluntary Surrender, to full chattels management, maintenance, agent selection and valuation and through to the property settlement, Scout Corp will streamline and personalise our service to meet your individual needs.

With agents and maintenance contractors Australia-wide, Scout Corp can service any State in Australia. We will negotiate with agents and contractors to offset their costs until settlement, relieving stress for our clients who do not hold funds within that estate. We can also provide financing options through our third-party providers for high value maintenance needs.

Our full and complete service includes;

Project management from lock-up to settlement


Managing the clearance of chattels within the property, transport and storage including inventory schedule


Attendance at evictions and vacant possession


Agent tendering and selection, property advice and strategy discussions


Working with co-owners and other interested parties throughout the sale


Managing all maintenance requirements including full scale renovations to general property presentation prior to and during marketing

Throughout our experience, our team is well equipped in dealing with borrowers and bankrupts with mental health concerns and high emotional needs. Our team works hard to build relationships with empathy and understanding for people who find themselves in these situations and we treat everyone with dignity and respect ensuring ours, and your reputation in the marketplace remains at the highest level.

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