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Estates and Executors

Managing beneficiary relationships is our specialty. Our goal is to provide support to Executors and their beneficiaries by providing clear and concise communication during the transaction process which will enable you to make informed decisions.

Scout Corp work in conjunction with Executors and Family Law solicitors to help assist the beneficiaries or an estate. Not all items that have been left in a will are property based and we can also assist with managing household items, vehicles, and antiques and also obtain formal valuations through our third-party providers. The wishes outlined in a will are of utmost importance and our team is engaged to carry out these wishes.


Many Executors are time poor and find themselves overwhelmed with their legal obligations. Our process in not out of the box, and we know that every family and their situation is different.  

Some of our services include;

Management of all items left within a property including beneficiaries collecting these items, charity donations, items of value being put to auction and disposal of any unwanted items.


Preparing the property for sale from full scale renovations through to basic property maintenance requirements to ensure the property is presented at its best.


Agent tendering program where local agents are invited to tender for the property listing. This provides a competitive environment during the tender process and gives greater transparency for agent selection.

Clear advice regarding property value is key so beneficiaries can know what they can expect when the property is sold. Our team will review and provide information to support value opinions and develop strategies surrounding the best method of sale. 


Our team will provide you with ongoing communication and reporting on the property listing and how the property is performing during marketing. Ongoing upkeep can be arranged for our time poor families, so the property continues to present well to the open market. 


Once the sale has been completed, we can work with you throughout the settlement period and until completion of the matter. Our team is here to help. 

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