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Tailored property solutions delivering exceptional results

We specialise in the end-to-end project management of property preparation and sale for Vendors, Executors, Insolvency Professionals, Mortgagees and Charities Australia-wide.


About Scout Corp

We are passionate about achieving maximum benefits for our clients through the complete management of the property sales process. We work as an advocate for people who need independent support whilst navigating the marketing and sale of all types of property including residential, commercial, industrial, and rural.


With decades of experience in the Property Realisation Industry we are a privately owned and operated business and currently serve clients all over Australia, from our Sydney based offices.

How we help

We partner with our clients by providing tailored and specialised services that handle the management of all aspects of the property realisation process.

Estates and Executors

Providing you with support and guidance for Estate solicitors and Executors to navigate the property sale process. Our team is here to help.

Mortgagee, Bankruptcy and Insolvency

We assist our clients by offering tailored solutions to maximise returns for trustees and their creditors, banks and non-bank lenders on asset sales.

Vendor Advocacy

We help lead you through the property sale process by providing advice, guidance and strategy development to gain the best results. 

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